Advertising on INNspiring

Advertising Guidelines

  1. Ad content must be specifically for innnkeepers, aspiring innkeepers, or closely related to the innkeeping profession.
  2. Ad images may be no larger than 185px wide by 550px tall.  JPG, or GIF only.  For the sanity of our forum participants, Flash animations, Pop-ups, or Pop-under ads are not allowed nor are any other form of ads that take over space that extends beyond the 185x550 advertising space allotted. 
  3. Imagery and language cannot be vulgar or provocative.
  4. For the protection of our participants, advertising cannot be misleading or misrepresentative.
  5. No single entity/company can purchase more than 7 of the 15 advertising slots available.
  6. Participating as an advertiser does not entitle the advertiser to any editorial control over discussions on the forum.  If someone says something about your company that you don't like, you can't have it removed unless the post violates the existing rules of the forum.
  7. An advertisement on is not an endorsement of the product or company being advertised.
  8. The owner of the site reserves the right to decline any advertisement for as yet unspecified reasons (a reason will be given, it just may not exist yet).

Advertising Specifics

  1. In keeping with Google's Webmaster Guidelines on paid links, an ad can link to the page of your choice, but the link will not be direct.  It will use both a rel="nofollow" to tell google not to consider it for pagerank, and it will also redirect through a page on this site for the purpose of tracking statistics on the advertisement.
  2. Only one advertisement space is being provided.  It will appear in the righthand column if the user is viewing this site in 3-column mode (the default) or in the lefthand column if the user has elected to use the two-column version of the site. 
  3. Each time a page is viewed, the website randomly selects from the available ads.  No more than 15 ad slots will be available at any given time. 
  4. Advertisers have access to stats related to how many times an ad has been shown (impressions) and how many times it has been clicked.
  5. Advertisers have the ability to take the ad offline so it does not display, and put it back online at their convenience.

Current Site Statistics

(as of February 11, 2014)

  • 40,000+ pageviews per month
  • avg 400 visits per day
  • 7,600 unique visitors per month
  • 56% of the traffic is from new visitors
  • 88% of the traffic from english-US language
  • Avg Visit duration 5 minutes
  • Avg Pages per visit: 3.0

Cost of Advertising on

There are two plans available per advertising slot (remember, there are only 15 slots)

  1. $15 per month
  2. $5 for 2000 impressions  (at our current useage, 2000 impressions would be used up in approximately 12 days)

Pay-per-click advertising is available by using Google AdWords to target the ad channel of Google's AdSense ads.

If you have further questions or are ready place an ad on, contact the owner of this site.