FAQ's for INNspiring.com


Why do I need an account?
You can read the forum even if you don't have an account or are logged in.  But if you register and login you get cool features to make the site easier to use, like custom lists of topics and replies you haven't read, and the ability to control how comments are displayed.  There are also great marketing features that you have access to if you create an account.
What if I forgot my password?
Click on the link that says "Request New Password" on the left side of the page.  On the page that appears, enter either your username or email address and then press the "Email new password" button.  The system will immediately send an email to the email address on file for your account, with a one-time login link.  Use that link to log you into the website.  It only works once.  It takes you to a page that looks like this:  
After you click the "Log in" button you will end up at your account page.  Your account page can be used to change your password by entering a new password, twice.
Enter a new password twice.
If you used the onetime login link but do no end up on your account page and are no longer logged in, it is likely a sign that you have blocked cookies from this site.  If you don't allow cookies for this site, the site is not able to remember who you are from one page to the next and you will not remain logged in.  You need to change the setting in your browser to allow cookies from innspiring.com.
How do I change my password?
To change your password, go to 'My Account' and click the 'Edit' TAB (not the 'Edit' link which appears under the words 'My Profile'). Just underneath your username info are the entry fields for changing your password. Enter your new password in the first password field and then again in the second password field. Hit 'Save' to change your password.

How do I upload an avatar?
 This is best covered by this set of directions for adding an avatar.
I changed something before, now I can't find it again.
Under "My account" there is a "Edit" tab, which is for Account features.  Almost directly below that is an "Edit" link, which edits your Profile.

Account Edit tab: (many required)

            Account name

            Account Email

            Account Password



            Theme configuration

            Subscription settings

            Contact settings

            Locale (time zone) settings


Profile Edit link: (all optional)




            B&B Name, Title, URL, Blog Title, Blog URL, and Location

            Advertising your Inn

            Google AdSense ID Code

            Amazon Associates ID Code

How do I make my signature a link?
<a href="http://www.yoursite.com">your tagline here</a>


How do I change how the forum topic is displayed?
The forums have the option of displaying the discussion in two ways:
  • Threaded List - Means that replies will be indented in under the comment you were replying to.  This makes it easy to read older threads and make sense of who was replying to who.
  • Flat List - Means the replies will be all in chronological order, and you have to look at the post numbers to figure out who was replying to whom.  This is easier for an ongoing discussion because new replies will always be at the very bottom or very top of the list of comments (depending on which you select).
To make this change, scroll to the bottom of any forum topic and just above the comment editor you will see "Comment viewing options."  Choose your preferences and press the "Save settings" button.  (Polls and Recipes have their own preferences, so you will have to save your preferences while viewing a poll and recipe too.)
NOTE:  The option selectors always show the same thing and do not reflect the choices you saved.  So you may have Saved "Threaded list - expanded" but the next time you view a thread the selector will still say "Flat list - expanded."  It does not reflect the value that was saved.
ANOTHER NOTE:  When you want to change one of the three settings (Flat/Threaded, Old/New, # of Posts) make sure all three are set how you want them... when you click "Save" then whatever is showing is what you're going to save.  So if, for example, you decide to switch between Flat/Threaded but don't change the other two columns you'll end up with Newest First and 30 Visible Posts.
I do / don't want to receive an email every time someone replies to one of my posts, can I set my preference?
Yes, click on "My Account" then click the Edit tab underneath your username.  Scroll down the page until you get to the section titled "Comment follow up subscription settings."  Un-check the box to turn it off, then press the "Save" button to save your changes.  This setting will not override threads where you have already commented, so you may still get email about replies to those.  But you will receive no email notification about replies to comments you leave from this time forward.  If you want to receive emails on a particular thread, you can click the receive emails box when you post your comment.
The column for the threads is really skinny, words are getting truncated, it's very annoying.
Click on "My Account" (top left corner of the screen) and click the "Edit" tab (not the "Edit" link under your Profile).  Scroll down to Theme Configuration and change your preferences from the Innspiring Defult (three columns) to "twocol" (two columns).  Click on Save.  Also consider changing your screen resolution from 800x600 to 1024x768 (on a PC, go to the Desktop, right click, select Properties, then the Settings tab).


How do I put a photo or image into one of my posts?
This is best covered by this set of directions for adding a photo.
How do I attach a file to a comment?
This is best covered by this set of directions for adding an attachment.
Foot in Mouth!  How do I delete a post?
Go to your comment, and click on "Edit."  Delete the text of the post and replace it with a comment saying something like "This comment has been deleted to protect the guilty."  or "This post was deleted by the author for such-and-such a reason."  Click on "Save."  See how easy that was?
That's not really deleting, is it?
No, but if you delete a post, it would delete all of the replies attached to it, which you didn't author and therefore shouldn't delete.  By deleting the text and replacing with a quick explanation it also helps readers to follow the flow of the conversation in spite of the fact that part of it is missing.  There's nothing like seeing 3-4 deleted messages in a thread to make readers wonder what they missed.
But it really needs to be wiped out completely.
It's hard to conceive of such a situation, but if that's the case then contact Swirt and he will take care of it.
Is this site moderated?
Yes.  The site and its members  collectively moderate the community of Innspiring.com.  The "Flag as Offensive" can, if enough members agree, cause a comment or post to disappear and go into a holding area unitil such time that it can be evaluated by Swirt and either returned to visible for people to see, edited to bring it in line with the terms of use of the site, or deleted.  Any decision for editing or deleting will be brought to the author's attention by email provided that the author is not simply here for the purpose of off topic spam, deceitful representation, or bad will in general.  Such people will be abolished to the Happiest Place on Earth.
Really?  Are there things I can't post?
Just like any other forum...  Be respectful and polite.  Avoid the nastier swear words, politics, and religeon.  Don't give away the identity of members who have chosen to be anonymous.  For the specifics please see the Terms of Use for using this site. 

Dropping links in your first posts to the site may well get your posts flagged as spam and cause them to disappear until they are reviewed. 

What about self promotion?
As long as your self-promotion is appropriate and innkeeper related, it's no problem. Vendors (those selling something) must operate in plain sight.  No alias, represent who you are and what you are selling.   If you sell something we innkeepers can use (embroidery, soaps, mugs, website design, etc.) then we want to know about it.  If you're a regular, active member of the forum, we particularly want to help promote you.  If, on the other hand, you are only here to promote a non-innkeeping product (drugs, porn, spam) expect to be deleted, blocked, and ridiculed in very short order.
FAIR WARNING:  You had better be brave if you're not legit.  If you're not legit, we'll tear you to pieces and expose you for the foul fraud you are.  Everyone else is welcomed with open arms.
My post disappeared!  It wasn't vulgar, why did you delete it?
Unfortunately, if you navigate away from a page before you save your post it will be lost forever with no warning.  We didn't delete it, really we didn't.  Please post it again.  The other possibility is, that enough people were either offended by the post or thought it was spam, that it has been temporarily removed from view and awaits review by the admin.
I started composing my posts in Word, but now everything runs together in one big paragraph.
Before you copy your text try switching to "Plain text editor" (you can find it below the comment box), then paste.


How do I get my inn to appear in the "Featured Inn" display with a link to my website?
The featured inns rotate randomly from anyone that has participated in the past 30 days and has entered all 3 parts of the ad in their profile.  Submitting your ad is done through your profile.  See this for step by step instructions for creating your inn as a Featured Inn.
How do the Google and Amazon ads work for me?
1) You enter your ad codes in from Google and Amazon into your account profile. 2) You create new threads (forums, articles, recipes).  3) People reading the thread see ads, which contain your ID code 50% of the time.  If they click when your code is on, you get paid.
On any new forum post you create (not a comment or reply) the system will toss a coin each time the page is viewed.  50% of the time it will use Swirt's ad account ID's and 50% of the time it will use yours (if you've entered them).  If someone clicks on a Google ad while it is using your account ID you get credit for the click through.  Likewise, if someone makes an Amazon purchase from an ad while it is using your ID, you will get credit for the purchase.  Each company has their own payment percentages and methods, you can check your account with them for details. 
As part of your agreements with both companies, you must never suggest in a post that people should click the ads. 
To prevent your accidently clicking on an ad with your ID code, when you are logged in and looking at a topic you created the website will never display an ad using your ID.  (You can check this in the code if you feel brave.)  This prevents you from accidentally clicking on an ad that you profit from (a violation of your ad account with both companies).  If you want to verify that your code is being used 50% of the time on a topic you created, you will need to logout and view the ad source code as a guest (not for the faint of heart).  While viewing the source code, you may have to refresh a time or two to see your ad ID.
BOTTOM LINE:  if you are logged in, you can safely click on any ad that interests you.  If you are not logged in, be sure never to click on an ad in a thread you started.
Where do I add my Amazon/Google Account numbers?
Once you fill out the applications on Google AdSense and/or Amazon Associates, you'll get an email back from them with your account numbers enclosed. Enter your account numbers into the appropriate boxes in 'My Profile".
  1. Login
  2. Click on  "My Account"
  3. Depending on whether you have created your profile yet, you will see either a link that says "Create your My Profile" or you will see "My Profile" with an edit link just below that.  Click whichever is visible.
  4. Scroll down to the section on "Affiliate details" 
  5. Enter your ID for Adsense and or Amazon accounts.  Please double check to make sure you entered them correctly.  If you enter them incorrectly, you may not get credit for any clicks or purchases made.
Why does Swirt's code get used 50% of the time?
Because sites cost money to host and maintain, and the bigger and more active the site (like a forum) the more money it takes to host.  (Besides he did all the work to get it set up and running!)  It's a lot like running a bed and breakfast... we don't do it to get rich. 


How do I get those cool emoticons that I see used?
Click on the smiley face above the area where you are typing.  If you do not see the new ones press F5 key to refresh your cache.  You can also type the following codes (without spaces between the colons and text) to create the emoticons:
: pita :  -  PITA
: help :  -  Help
: welcome :  -  Welcome
: sick :  OR  : barf :  -  Barf!
: cheers :  -  Cheers
: sarcasm :  -  Sarcasm
: poke :  -  Poke, annoy
: roll :  -  Eye Roll  - oh Brother
: chef :  -  Cook
: ghost :  -  Spooky
: raz :  -  Sticking out tongue
: cool : OR   8 )  -  Cool
: cry :  -  Crying, sad
What is the meaning of those funny balloons by the forum names?

Can I advertise on INNspiring.com?
If  you meet certain criteria, yes you can.  Please see this page related to advertising to innkeepers on INNspiring.com.
Is the fact that an ad appears on this site, an endorsement of the product or company?
No.  It is only a statement that they met the criteria for advertising here.  It is not an endorsement, nor are the advertisers given any editorial control over the content on this site.