How to add your inn to show up as a Featured Inn

The featured inns rotate randomly from anyone that has participated in the past 30 days and has entered all 3 parts of the ad in their profile.  To submit your featured inn for display:

  1. Login
  2. Click on  "My Account"
  3. Depending on whether you have created your profile yet, you will see either a link that says "Create your My Profile" or you will see "My Profile" with an edit link just below that.  Click whichever is visible.
  4. Scroll down to the section on "Advertising your inn".   (you must complete all three parts of this section in order for your inn to be shown as a featured inn)

  5. To add your image, click on "Add image" which will cause the file browser to appear.
  6. Click the "Upload" tab
  7. In the form that appears, click the "Browse..." buttton.
  8. A window from your computer will appear that lets you browse your computer.  Find the image that you want and select it.
  9. Check the box that says "Medium (120x120)" 
  10. Then click the Upload button (circled in red above) 
  11. In a few seconds or longer if you photo is very large, the photo will be uploaded to your storage space on the server and a 120x120 copy of it will also be made.  They will both appear in the list of files in your space on the server.
  12. Make sure you select the Medium sized version (the item in the list is yellow when selected)
  13. Press the "Use the selected image" button.
  14. The image will appear in section of the page Advertising your in.  (If you want to change the image, click the "Add image" link and choose or upload a different image.
  15. Enter the address of your B&B website.  If someone clicks on your featured inn photo when it is featured, it will jump to this address.
  16. Enter the location of your B&B.  This represents the alt and title text that will be used along with the link. 
  17. Scroll to the bottom of your profile and click the "Save" button.