Adding a photo to a post

In order to add photos as part of a post:

  1. Place the your cursor where you would like to place the photo (approximately).
  2. Click the yellow button in the editor's tool bar
  3. A popup window should appear (if it does not, it may have been blocked by your pop-up blocker*).  In this popup window, click the "Browse Server" button.
  4. A second popup window will appear (if it does not, it may have been blocked by your pop-up blocker*).  Here you can select from photos you have already uploaded, or click the "Upload" tab to upload a photo.
  5. A browse tool will appear
  6. Click the "Browse..." button to find the image on your computer, then click the "Upload" button to move it to your folder on
  7. Now that it is in your folder you can make various size thumbnails of the image, resize it, or crop it (optional)
  8. When you have the photo you want, (make sure it is selected - highlighted in yellow) and click the "Use the selected image" tab.
  9. This will bring you back to the first pop-up and show you a preview of the photo
  10. Press the OK button and your image will be placed in your post.
    (optional) Before pressing OK you can also specify any border thickness, horizontal space (HSpace), or vertical space (VSpace) that you want to appear around the image.  You can also specify the alignment.


* Popup blockers can come from a variety of places.  They may be part of your security software, browser toolbars (like the google or yahoo toolbars) or they might be built right into your browser.  Most of them have a way to specify that it should always allow popups from this site.  Many of them will disable the blocker temporarily if you hold down the "Ctrl" key while clicking the thing link or button that causes a popup.  Sorry I wish I could be more specific, but there are too many popup blockers out there and they all function differently Sad