Why join INNspiring?

While there are several forums for innkeepers available on the internet, there are several features that set this one apart.  These features are the result of this website being created by innkeepers, specifically for innkeepers and aspiring innkeepers.  Here is a quick comparison:


Feature INNspiring.com bandb.about bedandbreakfast.com
Specifically for Innkeepers yes no yes
Created and Run by Innkeepers yes no no
Rotating Featured B&B listing for your Inn:  This listing does not reveal which member it belongs to (helps you promote your inn while being incognito on the forum if you choose). As long as you are an active member, your listing will rotate in with the rest of them complete with a link to your website. yes no no
Make money while participating:  If you enter your Google AdSense ID and or your Amazon Affiliate ID in your profile, your ID's will be used 50% of the time on any topic you started. yes no no
Share recipes with others.  Recipes are categorized and provide tools for adjusting the size of the recipe. yes no no
Email notification of replies to any post you make includes the content of the reply.  yes no yes
 Free to Join  yes   yes   no
Use photos in your post without having to use tinypic yes  no  no
Crop or resize photos before putting them in your post. yes  no  no