Terms and Conditions for using INNspiring.com

INNspiring.com is a place where innkeepers and people with an interest in the innkeeping business (including vendors) are encouraged to come and share their thoughts and learn from each other.  Given that many of our locations, clientele, experiences and attitudes may differ from time to time, we expect that discussions will sometimes result in disagreement but will remain civil and abide by the following terms. 

Due to the nature of this forum being a welcoming place for all innkeepers, we do ask that you refrain from discussions related to politics and theology unless they relate to innkeeping.  These topics don't tend to end well when discussed on forums so I ask that you avoid them.

Abusive Language

Abusive language directed at any member of this forum is not acceptable.  This includes swearing and name calling.  Neither lead to good discussion or a feeling of comfort.  Swearing is usually taken care of by the site's automatic potty-mouth filter.  It will replace instances of swear words with smileys.  In the event that the filter does not catch it automatically your post may be flagged as offensive which may cause it to disappear until the site's owner can decide what action to take.  In the event of name calling or other abusive language, a warning will be issued either within the forum or via your email account.  If the warning goes unheeded your account may be terminated.  Longstanding members are likely to be given a bit more leeway than newcomers who start out being nasty.  In general, inflammatory or derogatory exchanges are not tolerated.

Privacy of Information

This site requires an email address in order to create an account.  That email address will never be sold or given to anyone else with the exception of the authorities (I will not be standing up to the authorities on your behalf.) .  It will not be used by the owner of this site to send any unsolicited email.  It will only be used by the forum software this site uses to notify you of responses to conversations you are participating in, and this setting is controlled within your preferences in "My Account."  Anyone caught using the site's contact feature to send unsolicited business proposals, sales pitches or other spam-like communications to site members will have their account banned. 

This site does use a cookie to remember that you are logged in as you move from page to page within the site.  No other site can access this cookie nor the small amount of information that is contained in it.  The Google ads and Amazon ads may read their own cookie to connect you with your history on both of those sites.  INNspiring.com is not able to and has no interest in reading cookies put on your computer by either Google or Amazon. 

Google has its own privacy policy and wants you to know:

  • Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads this site.
  • Google's use of the DART cookie enables it and its partners to serve ads to you based on your visit to this site and/or other sites on the Internet.
  • You may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

Amazon has its own privacy policy and INNspiring.com wants you to know:

  •  The Amazon cookie allows the Amazon ads to be tuned to your browsing and buying history with Amazon.  When you see ads for things that are similar to items you were looking to buy or already bought on Amazon.com it is not because INNspiring.com has any idea what you bought.  It is because Amazon.com knows what you looked at or bought and decides to show you ads that are targeted just at you.  No one else sees the ads targeted at you unless they are using your computer.

WebSpam and Self-Promotion

Vendors are welcome on this forum.  However, they are expected to operate in plain view.  They should not misrepresent who they are or what their connection is to a service they are recommending.  If it is discovered that they are being less than truthful, they should expect the online equivalent of being tarred and feathered.  We have no patience for webspam and gameplaying.

When it comes to self-promotion, you are welcome to list your business in the resources section, and list your business and link in your signature.  However, if too many of your posts are blatant self-promotion of your product, then expect to not be received well, and in extreme cases, asked to leave.  Promoting yourself by bashing your competition will also not be allowed. You are welcome to answer questions and even ask questions related to your business or product, but telling people to buy your product or contact you is crossing the line.


Innkeepers, aspiring innkeepers, vendors (see above), and the curious are welcome to participate in this website.  However, if your early posts contain links, they will likely be flagged as  spam by other members and disappear at least temporarily.  The site is moderated by its members, but judgement and final decisions are made by Swirt.  There are some important principles to keep in mind:

  1. Entering the pool slowly goes over better than arriving with a splash.
  2. Discussions are preferable to lectures. (fountains of knowledge tend to splash)
  3. Ankle biting the regular members of the forum early-on will result in lots of splashing.
  4. If a member causes Swirt to burn more than three hours contemplating whether they should stay or go, for self-preservation, they go.

Multiple Accounts for One Person

In some cases there are innkeepers who have two separate user accounts.  One where they publicly announce who they are and what B&B they represent, and a second incognito account where they may post details they don't want attributed to their inn.  This is understandable and allowed on this forum.  Out of respect for the spirit of these dual accounts, I ask that if you have cleverly deduced who is who, that you not "out" the incognito account unless there is bad behavior.  Bad behavior takes on two possible forms:

  1. Using multiple accounts for tag-team spam  example:
    User A: What's a good B&B directory?
    UserB(same person): Oh I use xyzdirectory.com they send us lots of business...
  2. Using multiple accounts to make it seem like more people support your point of view.
    UserA: I think xyz practice is the best way to do something
    User B (same person): Oh I agree 100% that is the best way to do this

If bad behavior is found when dealing with multiple accounts from the same person, punishment will range from an email warning of getting close to the line to public exposure and banning both accounts.  In the case of vendors doing tag team spam, banning and humiliation is guaranteed.  Eye-wink

Featured Inn

Innkeepers are welcome to list their inn or bed and breakfast as a featured inn.  There is no charge for doing so.  Simply add it to your profile in "My Account."  Other business are not allowed to corrupt the meaning of the "Featured Inn" by listing other products or services in the ad.  Such out-of-place advertising will be removed.  If it reappears after being removed, your account may be banned.

Ownership and Copyright

All contributions made to this website remain the property of INNspiring.com AND the person who made the post.  These "shared rights" gives the author the right to publish the same piece elsewhere, but prevents them from demanding that INNspiring.com remove their contributions at some later point in time.  If you are not the author of a post you may not reproduce it without either the permission of the author or the owner of INNspiring.com. 

Copyrighted material that you do not own the copyright for should not be posted here.  In other words, be careful with the copy and paste. 


The owner of this site (swirt) reserves the right to remove or edit a post to bring it into compliance with the above terms and conditions.  In either case, the author will be notified of the change and the reason.  If a post is edited, a note will be added to the post indicating the nature of the edit and the reason.


Any advertisements appearing on this site, in either the Google Ads, Amazon Ads, or the INNspiring Advertisements are not endorsements of any product or company appearing in the ads.  In the case of the INNspiring Advertisements, there are certain criteria that must be met as described on the Innkeeper Advertising page.