We have an event and I am SOL

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So we have a great event that is actually on our street. Something I am interested in, myself. I have 5 rooms checking out tomorrow after breakfast and 5 new rooms checking in. 

I will now have 5 rooms to strip and clean and make up before check in and miss entirely this first of really great event that features dozens of amazing authors, photographers, artisans, and music.  

The event planners tell me "Send your guests down here!" Yes I would. They are all leaving and the new ones won't be here in time (unless they read our blog and heard about it and come early).  One room will be still checked in and going on a boat cruise at our lake at 10am til the afternoon.

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DH has an "event" tomorrow. He is now getting weaker and can no longer lift his stuff to get it in and out of the car. So i have to take him and go back to pick him up. Lucked out. Football game does not start until 3:30 so they want a 9 AM breakfast. I can be back by 8. Whew! Sunday is not as bad.

I am truly sorry you are missing out. Here is hoping you DO get to go for part of it at least. Maybe the guests will have a quick depart so you get done early.

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There are zillions of things to do here, especially in the fall. The local fair is right in my back yard, but have I gotten to enjoy it? He!! NO! I've had 24 room nights this week. I have NO help; do it all myself. No laundry service, no cleaning help, no cooking help. AND DH has been out of town 3 nights this week! I am SO ready for a day off. Oh, Sunday we have no check-ins (2 stay-overs and 3 check-outs), so I do get to go and freeze my butt off as I watch DD cheer at the football game.

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I'm always missing stuff. I put on my calendar back Aug to go to an art show. Day I was going to go was move in day at the college. No way Jose. Moved the date to Sept. Mentioned the show to a guest and she said, 'Oh that closed yesterday.' I almsot died. Possibly my favorite artist and I missed a 3-month show!

So, I went to the website and found out that no, the show ended the following month on the same day. Yay! I got to go. And I loved it.

But I miss a lot of stuff due to 'work'.

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