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This was posted on the Paii Forum this morning by Scott from White Stone. I thought it was worth passing on to here.

Subject: Giving back to one of our own

Dear PAII Members,

Many of you know innkeeper Ellen Gutman Chenaux of The Birchwood Inn in Lenox, Massachusetts. Her photo adorns the home page of the PAII website (upper left) and she's been a fixture in the industry for many years.

Any of you who have been to a PAII show certainly knows her beautiful hearing ear dog, Quinn and you've probably seen me either loving on Quinnie or sneaking her treats under the table. Sadly, this year will be Quinn's last PAII show as she is now also losing her hearing. Thus, Ellen needs to raise money to get a new hearing ear dog. As you can read from her bio, her hearing ear dog companion is vital in allowing her to carry on the rigorous duties of a full time Innkeeper/Owner.

At White Stone, our team has donated to this very worthy cause and since it's so near and dear to our hearts, we wanted to share the need with all of you. I know Ellen and Quinn would be forever grateful for any donation you could give. Just click on the link below to donate and give back to one of our own!

Thank you!

Sponsor Ellen Gutman Chenaux of Birchwood Inn

Scott Crumpton
White Stone Marketing
Professional Internet Marketing for Boutique Lodging Properties


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We've put in a bit. it is very different here as charities train hearing, blind and epileptic alert dogs so there is no cost to the owner.


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