Inn the News- October 19, 2011

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Hotels offering 'club lounges' as a perk.

Excerpt: Club, concierge or executive lounges, which typically require upgraded room bookings or frequent guest program membership, can be a lifesaver for busy business travelers. Perks include being able to take a shower before the room is ready, meeting privately with a client or enjoying free meals, concierge services and cocktails in a private setting.

Thinking how this fits in with all the 'early arrival' posts we've had. With the appropriate staffing, much is possible. What is obvious from the article is that the guest has to contribute something to get the perk...frequent visits, more luxurious (ie- expensive) room booking, something. But we are expected to provide it all for free, in the middle of breakfast!

I'm willing to offer amenities like this, for a price. Like PT has the 'lazy morning' package. Why not an 'express arrival' package? (Yes, I know we cannot guarantee that guests will get their butts out of the room on time and there are no 'extra' presidential suites we can offer, but it might be worth a try if we - I - keep it under control with a maximum number of rooms that can be booked like that.


Everyday, for good or ill, we intersect with some else's story and become a part of it.


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My City Manager was at a Conference at the same hotel of the FunYumms fame (first time back since then) and they happened to be booked into the 14th floor (we know not why) BUT the 12th & 14th floors just happen to be Concierge Floors with lounge, wine, etc. She said it was nice enough that she might just forego her favorite place in the Capital (they had a wine hour in the lobby) for this. Will know in January when they have the next Municipal League Conference - I go with as chauffer and City Clerk.

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