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that all of those horrible guests during the summer are gone! This was the worst people summer in 11 years. I'm so glad it's over.

I just don't know why it's so different. For the last month and a half we've still been very busy, but have had the best guests! Yeah, I've complained about stupid dietary stuff, but the guests themselves have been wonderful and appreciative. I don't think we've ever gotten as many tips as we have in the last month. We're doing nothing different, it's the people. I wish I could clone them!

How's everyone else doing?


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We had a summer like that two years ago. One pita and/or grumpy guest after another. Don't ever want another run like that.

It's funny, we find that people in the shoulder months tend to be more of a pain than those in the summer.

One of our busiest seasons ever. Still busy even now and bookings coming in for early nov.


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If I count the dinner GC guests gave to us? $150 in tips in the last 3 weeks. During the summer? $0. Like you, this was one of our worst summers for grumpy, cranky, abusive guests.

My theory is the people who travel now are more relaxed, they have more time, they are not limited to a 'summer vacation' schedule. So, they are more carefree and open to new experiences.


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Hmmm.... between Labour Day and Canadian Thanksgiving we saw few tips and generally in coins... handfuls of coins. 

I will also say that most of the guest in that period were different as well... not our usual group. Shorter stays. I have never seen so many "pads" and people unable to properly dispose of them. Really.... they come with a blue plastic pouch for a reason... why do you have to roll them up and leave them sticky all over the place. 


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 We have been slammed - this is our busy season. Mostly very nice people. We are also putting the dry wall up today on the new wing. THe sooner those two rooms are open the sooner I can quit my day job. Hope in February.



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Business ..... The Worst

Guests ...... The Best

Not what I expected.  Generally when the economy is bad the guests have spent money they don't have and are desperate for value.  I have to say that our guests this year have been (for the most part) spectacular.

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