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This is a story in progress.
Like so many inns, we have worked hard to take advantage of the marketing value of Trip Advisor. Getting good honest reviews has had a positive impact on our business and learning how to handle an unsatisfactory review has been helpful to our overall awareness. It forces us to look at our operations and consider whether an adjustment is needed.
So what’s not to like? Trip Advisor would appear to have a great model running on all cylinders. Do they? Aside from the main issues we are familiar with, there is another challenge Trip Advisor may be facing.   
Is the site accurate and does Trip Advisor have enough staff to keep it accurate?
We contacted TA months ago to let them know that there were some inaccuracies on our town page and with the listings. To date, they have contacted us once to ask what the inaccuracy is. That was about a month ago.
When you consider how much information they have gotten wrong on our town page, how they are unable or willing to change it even when it’s indisputable and violates their own policy, it makes you wonder how long before someone calls them out on there own fraud, as well as the difficulties they face concerning the fraud of others.
The Trip Advisor strategy appears to be ignore, ignore, ignore and eventually the truth will fall away. We have one false listing; one property listed twice, highly inaccurate mileage information, restaurants that are closed, and more. Have you reviewed the TA pages associated with your property?



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Yup its one of the things i have been fighting recently about attractions one of the attractions is apparently a cafe that is now an estate agents! great. If you put in your town they will have a Say "harrogate" page then there is a little tab of top rated things to do and about 75% of our attractions wernt on with a good 6/7 or the 15 being pubs or cafe's sorry I don't count them as an attraction! So spent a week thinking of all the attractions I could and got them all on and then emailed the attractions to claim their listings and put on more info for free advertising. Ironically about 2 weeks after that a huge survey thing  they have been doing for 2 years was released which proved my point in Harrogate ony 5% of people knew about an attraction (at all) before they came and only 5% of all visitors made it to any!!!! Now I am sympathetic to some of them as they are council run and have no money and their hands are often tied with what they can do. Drives me mad. A friend of mine is a reception manager in OXford and has just dropped 2 ranks on trip adviser because they have put 2 B&B's into the hotel section.

The trouble with trip adv is if it worked as it was supposed to and did what it said on the tin and reviews had to have your name on then I would have no objection but its this annonomoyous crap sorry If you put it out there and it could be classed as slander then you have to put your name to it thats how it works.


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