Anybody here using Quickbooks for Mac?

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I'm pissed.    I've been using Quickbooks 2009 for Macintosh successfully for the the last three years.  No problems.    Now Apple has released their new OS and OF COURSE my version of Quicken is not compatible with it.  

My choices are to upgrade to Quickbooks 2012  for  $180+   or find a cheaper solution that supports the new OS.    The problem I've found is that most cheaper solutions only import .QIF files from Quicken (also made by Intuit).  Guess what,  you cannot export a Quickbooks file into a .QIF format.    In fact, you can't export much of anything except fragmented reports into Excel.

Anyone else with this problem?   Have you found a solution?

We recently switched to ReservationKey, so customer data can be stored there.   I know that data can be exported from ReservationKey,  but it won't keep track of my day to day expenses or keep track of the various taxes we pay etc.


 We also use QB2009 for Mac, and I discovered that the upgrade only worked on Intel chip Macs. So no upgrade for us. Actually, when I called QB, they told me that, and it was a pretty easy decision not to upgrade. 

It was pretty much a no-brainer. Buy a new computer or continue to use QB2009. That's what we're doing. It still works for us; our accountant can read the files w/o stürm und drang. Life's serene.



YOu can set up an account system with RESKEY to track your expenses etc.

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