Hit it great at the Produce Mart

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Monday & Thursday the produce trucks come in to the produce store - so they clear out what is in-house! I absolutely LOVE the Let's Gert Rid Of section. The baskets are $1.50 each.

Today I got blackberries! You know the little boxes the you might find on sale for 2 for $5. I got them for 50 cents apiece! I got 33 boxes. Once in a while i will get a loser - but most times I win big. DH & I will be going through them this evening - guests just came in from the stable (I guide them there & make sure the horses are in the stalls and these repeats just come in when they are done).

We will put the blackberries in the freezer for my baked oatmeal and the fruit compotes if I am short on other fruit. I also got some nice looking papayas, strawberries, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, cukes......... The blackberries are huge! On to the freezer bags!


 I have not even bought blackberries this year, way to go!


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