Selling your own gift cards

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If you sell your own GC's, do you ever offer incentives to get guests to buy more or buy them in larger denominations?

If you do offer incentives, what kinds do you have and are they incremental? Spend $100, get this incentive; spend $200, get that incentive...?

Have you found this effective? Has it been a hassle? Have you had to argue with guests over expired incentives? (Like giving a $25 GC on the purchase of $200 in GC's?)

Also appreciate any incentive ideas you might have!


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 Interestingly as I just popped on in an env for a dollar amount. The ONLY one I have sold this year, and I sell so few that it is not worth it. I have in past done advertised specials on them, and even sold two on eBay that way.  But most of the time the GC are the guests who don't want to be here... sorry to say.

If it were me and I was doing this I would ThRow in a bouquet of flowers for every GC sold over $200.


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