Staying sane while traveling

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Some simple ideas to keep the stress down while traveling:


Everyday, for good or ill, we intersect with some else's story and become a part of it.



Q. Are there any airlines or hotels that in your opinion go above and beyond to promote peace of mind?

A. I can’t say that I have found one particular domestic airline or hotel to be consistently any more or less stress-free than the others. Of course, one can usually buy a more comfortable flight if one wants to, and can afford to pay for it.

With regard to hotels, I used to want to stay in the very best until I realized how little time I actually spend in the room. Now I opt for good, clean hotels that are well located, have fairly spacious rooms, comfortable beds and perhaps a good restaurant, all of which I find reduce stress.


Obviously this bozo doesn't know THAT much about traveling or he would have answered - of course, the better way to stay - find a B&B!!!


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