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We have been brainstorming ideas for ways to provide Value Added items to our B&B with little to no additional costs.  The section brought up quite a few great ideas and I started to put the plan in action. 

During this I started searching Tr ip A dvi sor for a certain type of tour we were hoping to incorporate into our marketing promotion.  This is where I was even inspired even more.  Our area is known world wide for several things but I was amazed as to the vast amount of lessor known tours, attractions and things to do in this region that I am ecstatic over the possibilies.

Additionally, I am calling these places and getting offers of discounts for our guests... VALUE ADDED with very little effort.  Interesting things, less known. 

If you have not searched TA attractions/things to do in your area lately I recommend you do so, you may be surprised as to what you find and they may be interested in offering discounts to your guests as well. 


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We must say that this boss is AWSOME in the ideas and do them notebook-we are HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY that this owner is letting us do the job that we need to do and as we are new to the area we have to go visit all the places that we think will help with the attractions/packages that the area has to offer.

One of the things we are trying is the "farm to table" thing, we have two farms that offer wine tastings, pick your own fruit or berries and so forth-we hope to use them for a "local" fare thing for our guests-any of you doing this? would like some input on how to word a package for Spring and Summer--


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this is one of the things I am working on for this year for example discovered more than half probably 3/4 of our attractions were not on trip adviser! there for when looking for things to do in our town it looked like crap all!! so applied for lots of things to be on and did reviews and emailed the people to get them to claim their listing. because I fought for them now they are on and other people have reviews and in a positive way. There were all sorts of things on as an attraction ie pubs and cafe's which are not really an attraction so now they have a much better selection avaliable, cost nothing. Also have joined Harrogate Food and drink which are organising a logo sticker and discount card scheme so I could give out discount cards to my guests but this is early days and just getting out of the gate with getting sorted and members as they only formed as an organisation in october.


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