What Will You Do to Encourage Repeat Customers This Year?

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Got an email from a recent hotel stay offering 20% off on a future stay (no restrictions) and complimentary breakfast for up to 4 guests (the extensive hot breakfast buffet, also with made to order omelets, is not usually free unless you are a certain level member of their frequent stay program). 

It was a lovely place with excellent service from the staff and we would definitely go back, so this was the icing on the cake. 

This city only has a couple of B&Bs and they are not conveniently located.

What kinds of things are you thinking of doing to promote repeat customers?  Or, are you in a location where folks don't return to visit?



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Im trying to work on my value added ie working with local resturants to get discounts for my guests etc this is something that doesn't cost me anything but is a nice touch. However we do get quite a lot of repeats, my biggest project is getting more people to book directly through our web site and promoting our web site and SEO. I am also getting my keyrings organised they are doing cute ones for £100 for £500 so they work out 5p each which is good  value!


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