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I've been entertaining the idea of opening my own bed and breakfast or small Inn sometime in the future.  (How many rooms make it an Inn?)  I have experience in working in an office (data entry/accounts payable), and presently I work in a hotel as a room attendant, so I know what the hard work is all about.

Is it possible to buy a duplex, live on one side, and have the Inn on the other side?  Are there rules and regulations about it, or is each town/city different?  Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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All regulations are based on the town/county/state/country. You'll need to investigate wherever you are looking.


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Welcome Olga! There's LOTS of information for you to read here. Use the Search function to search the site for topics you wonder about.

I think you must have at least one room to let in order to be an innkeeper Smiling

Most rules and regulations will come from your local government (city, county), a few from the state, and even a few from the Federal government (access for the disabled, for example).

There are lots of books you can get to read. Search at, for instance, for "innkeeping" and "bed and breakfast" and you'll find several.

There are aspiring innkeeper classes available where experienced innkeepers will explain how to do it, what you should know that you never would have thought of, etc.

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