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As Joey suggested...what is the actual cost to have a room occupied?

We have a PT housekeeper. With salary, taxes, unemployment benefits, workers comp insurance it runs about $300-400/week just to have someone clean rooms. That's about 2 room nights. We do our own laundry and I've never figured out how much that costs but we pay both for water and sewer along with electricity and all the other stuff that goes along with laundry including pretreating.

When you start to add stuff up it doesn't take long to wonder how the heck we're getting by!

Then you get into how much does it cost to get the guest in the door and that's a whole other category!


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For us if we keep our housekeeper below £102 a week which is 17 hours a week we don't have to pay tax and national insurance and it means that she gets housing benefit and working tax credit which works out for her as well as she has a neice to support. I can tell you to the penny what our laundry costs as we send it out and they charge per item

pillow case - 23p,

bathmat - 28p, bathsheet - 42p, hand towel - 29p

single sheet 46p or single duvet cover 95p

Double sheet 47p or double duvet £1.12

King sheet 55p or king duvet £1.30

Now I would guess that doing your own is cheaper by about 20p=40p per item (remember these are uk prices and therefore it would be double for US)

our toiletries are 12p per bottle and you get a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of body wash per person but to be honest they are not used as much as they are used. We also put in a grooming kit of cotton buds, ear que tips etc also 12p. We keep in shower caps, shoe shine kits and sewing kits but are very rarely asked for them and as I ordered them 2 years ago don't have the price to hand but had to order 100 in one go of each and still have about 90 of each left!




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