Generation Gap: How To Target Younger B&B Customers

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Generation Gap: How To Target Younger B&B Customers



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 Have internet access - check

Lower my prices so they can afford to come? Not on your life. 

I get plenty of 20 and 30 somethings. They like wine and enjoy the tours to learn their palate and what kinds of wine they like to order.

Groups? No way. We like our couples, or two couple bookings. Groups create too much work and are messy.

SIlly picture? All photos of me are silly

Rules? Don't like rules. Don't want to be a camp councelor.

I think this is more aimed at hotels with lots of rooms going empty.



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Just what we want - a GROUP of young people! Lay down the house rules first? I thought they did not LIKE rules!

And I am certain to post a funny picture of me on the web site. If the photo that is there does not make them go into gales of laughter, nothing will. Give me a break!!

My target is 35 and up - they are old enough to have the "young & stupid" sanded off and young enough to consider coming back or send friends for as long as I am here. (The 60+ crowd and I should be ending the road about the same time) I do have some repeats, but I understand the "been there, done that" traveler because that is me for the most part. Williamsburg, VA and the windjammer off the coast of Maine are my 2 "I will go back any time" places. I would also like to go back to Bedford, VA to the D-Day Memorial - in Summer this time. I go a different route each time I return to a place - going and returning. I have probably been on every possible route between WV & Chicago and Chicago and Hot Springs.

We have had college students and enjoyed them immensely - but the gropu mentality would not be for me.

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Hmmm. Didn't even mention doilies.


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