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I just finished our macaron for valentine's day, so I present some food porn...

To the left is bitter chocolate and raspberry (the raspberry is hidden in the centre. A few are two coloured like this, the rest are all white. To the right is strawberry with balsamic vinegar. They are in the fridge at the moment awaiting their 24 hour incubation period. Plans are to put out a few for guests who are here on valentine's day. 

I'm doing well on the feet, still haven't perfected them coming out perfectly round, yet. And I guess I have to work on the colour... the red should have been a bit more vibrant. I still have to work on making some lemon and some rose.

Incidentally, I made the Peach Earl Grey jam. I had to modify the recipe, of course. I still have to experiment even more because frankly there is just too much sugar in the recipe, it's too sweet. And I want a much more precise weight on the amount of earl grey tea used. I'll share it when it's working better. But the guests do seem to like it. So far three jams that I now make at home and all three are popular.


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Sounds like you're having fun!


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