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I just got a HARPO lead for a reporter seeking info on New England INns:


58) Summary: Romantic New England Inns 


Name: Hillary M

Category: Travel 


Media Outlet: 

Deadline: 7:00 PM EST - 17 February 


I am looking for the most romantic, quaint, unusual New England
inns -- the ones that make guests feel like they've been
transported somewhere far away. They should have a wow factor
and offer a truly unique experience for couples. 

No major resorts, please. 

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59) Summary: Featuring Hotels, Resorts & Spas That Make You Feel Like a Million Without Costing a Million! 

Name: Laura Wellington R&R Travel Deals

Category: Travel 




Riki Goodell
Arcady Vineyard Bed & Breakfast
Arcady Vineyard Wine Tours
Come! Let us show you the beautiful Monticello Appellation!


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I was signed up for these leads and all they ever wanted was the absolute best places for the absolute least amount of money. Hopefully others have a better experience talking with them. Thx for posting.


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