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I don't I know how you inns who get snow do it.

There is a forecast of snow (4 inches) NOT EVEN HERE and people are trying to get out of their bookings! We do not have snow in the forecast at all, in fact we are not supposed to get below 38 degrees overnight.  But there is a system moving in and across the area - but not RIGHT HERE.

I advertised this prepay BOGO with NO CANCELLATIONS NO RECHEDULING special. And that is what it is. I posted it for FEB, why? Because we have the fewest guests in Feb and want to fill some rooms. Weather is typically the worst in Feb, and in fact I shared this special with a SNOWY IMAGE of the B&B! 

So we'll see what happens, we have 5 rooms checking in today, once called and asked if we have a snow plow?


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 They keep changing the prediction as well - but the ground at least here in Charlottesville is so warm (sunny and 55 today) that there is no way anything that falls will do anything but melt on the roads. That's what I'm telling my guests. They are not trying to get out, at least, just calling to be sure the wine tour will be running.



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Well, I was just commenting to guests that the lack of snow, altho it looks blah here, means no cancellations. How we do it here when it snows in the general area is that we lose money. Not on a prepaid like you have but on regular reservations.

I've seen snow deals where you can move your rez to another date but only up until the season starts. So, if your rez is now and you want out because of snow, you have until Apr 30 to show up or the deposit is mine. That seems like a fair way to do it for non ski areas.


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