Always walk guests to their room

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No matter how many times they have stayed in the past. Just had a couple check in who had a lot of trouble with the outside stairs. They took their keys, said, 'See ya later,' and toddled off toward their room.

I went to turn some lights on and I see him looking up the stairs with all the bags at the foot of the stairs. She is wandering around overhead. I say, 'Your room isn't upstairs you know.'

She comes back downstairs all embarrassed. She'd just gone up even tho she booked a room downstairs. Good thing I wandered after them or who knows what room they would have taken! Embarrassing for me when the next guests arrive!


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We only have two rooms and people are constantly forgetting which room they booked.  God forbid that they read their confirmation.

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its why all the keys are numbered and that key only opens the right door. What we have trouble with is we are two victorian terraced houses side by side and a mirror image with doors knocked through. The numbers go 1-5 on the top floor then 7-12 working down the other side. I have people in room 9 walking up the first stair case (after they have been shown their room) over the top and down the other side. or you hear a little voice -"my room has disappeared!" - yes we changed all the numbers round when you were out for a laugh! If quite a few arrive at the same time I will send the ones who have easy rooms to get to ie room 1 first staircase first landing and take the ones with more compliacated rooms up myself ie room 5 has a private bathroom also with a number 5 on the door so I perfer to show them this is your bathroom and this is your room.


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One advantage to being small - returns can always find their room. Since it is usually the Gillum (ensuite bath) it is the only room on that side of the house.

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