Am about to be in another Directory - FREE!!

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I got a letter today from the State Ag Dept. They are going to print an Agritourism Attraction Resource Guide and I am going to be listed in it and probably also on their web site from what the Ag person said on the phone. Since i do a little with this and a little with that, it seems I will be in several categories. The overnight stabling, trail rides, wineries on the routings, using local products, and selling local jams, jellies, honey, etc all get me in the Guide!  I did a copy paste of my Specials after I created a birding special and enclosed it with the form that will go out in the mail tomorrow. Woohoo! It will be distributed by WV Dept of Ag, Agribusiness attractions, Tourism and the Welcome Centers.

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That's great. A state department like that has resources that let them get the word out to a lot of people who might never find you otherwise, and you can't beat free!


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