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Some how third party friggin' websites got a hold of my main innkeeper email address, I just did a google  and found a few of them which I cannot access, they want me to join up or provide full information from my google account! JERKS!

I might have to change, yet again, a good email account. What a pain in the patooty.

I feel like a blinkin' stealth onliner, I have one for ordering, one for queries, one for blogging, one for facebook, one for confirmations, it is getting ridiculous, someone needs to solve world hunger and spam.

Is there such a thing as road rage online? I think I might be coming up to that intersection soon!

Oh and ps those REAL entities like TOURISM ORGANIZATIONS who can't figure this out either, and post our email address online. DUFUSES 


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You'll love this one, then. When I had the spam monitor turned off I was getting emails to addies that don't even exist. The spammers made them up. Emails with DH's full name @ our inn. Emails to the PO's, with multiple variations of their names. (Absolutely none addressed to me which means I can fairly easily narrow down where the spam is coming from as there are only 2 sites out there that list only DH as the owner.

I have just put the plain email info@ on all of our marketing. Then I use different emails to send the confirmations. And guess what? Guests get confused. 'Which email should I be using? I sent it to info@ and it came back from relax@ so which one is it?'


I've given up on spam directories or just spammers ever going away. I just hit the 'spam' button on my email and hopefully it is making Norton smarter as to what constitutes spam and what doesn't.


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