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This is roolly cool! I am sharing a blog about these fellows who are making an historic journey on the James River from building a Batteau to using it to travel along the same route from many years ago when this river was the center of commerce - The Marshall Project.

 “We Virginians do not go to the storied shrines of the past to do worship, but rather to gain inspiration.” -Douglas S. Freeman


The purpose of this blog is to document the construction of a new batteau and the execution of our ambitious plan to retrace the intended James River and Kanawah Canal line. We are undertaking this task in commemoration of the Bi-Centennial of Chief Justice John Marshall's 1812 river survey, which explored a critical transportation corridor still in use today. This is our tribute to the bold men whose steadfast resolve to establish commercial links across the rugged and unforgiving Appalachian Mountains helped make this Nation what it is today.


Imagine a time without paved roads, railways or internal combustion engines. A time early in our nation’s history when the land was wild, and rivers - not interstates -provided the most expeditious means of exploration and commerce. Such was the climate in the early 1770′s when Anthony Rucker, a prominent farmer in Amherst, Virginia, developed the James River Batteau. Rucker developed the long, narrow, flat-bottomed cargo vessel (between 40-60 ft long and 6-8 ft wide) as a means of safely transporting his crops down the shallow James to Richmond. Within a few years the boat was in widespread use along rivers through the Southeast.  ...more here.

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