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I sailed out of Rockland 3 of my 4 cruises on the Lewis R French. On cruise #3 as we returned to Rockland thre was a submarine anchored in the harbor for Lobster Fest. Unfortunately timing was such we had to debark and split so no Fest. #4 they had moved to Camden.

Cruise #1 was with DH & 4 of the 6. We went to a sort of fish market place that offered a limited menu - a cut above "hole-in-the-wall" but nice and clean called Doug's. The next year returning with some friends, Doug's had been upgraded to more of a restaurant and we did not think it was as good as the year before. We missed the original Doug's. Bought some shoes at the Shoe Barn too and stopped every time at the prison shop at Thomasson or Thomaston?

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