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My apologies to all who have sent emails to me over the past 3 months. The email account I used for this forum is one I use for buying stuff online. I haven't checked it since who knews when. Anyhoo, apologies. I did a massive 'delete' and I think I may have lost the emails.

So, near as I can remember, someone wanted to know how many rooms I have- 7. And how to keep the ambience of a B&B when you start to get 'large'- pick a theme and go with it. You'll be able to maintain the feeling of a B&B if you have a road map for how you want to decorate. Kind of like whitepine is doing with the 60's motel theme because she has a 60's motel along with the lodge. If I were starting from scratch, I would do a book/author theme, but that's me. Look around and see what is 'historic' or popular where you live. Give your rooms names that evoke the area or the history of the building, then go from there on what would be appropriate decor.

Just keep the tchotchkes to a minimum! Horizontal surface for guests; vertical surfaces for innkeepers.


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Just a point of clarity--the lodge will be soundly in the early 1900's.  Craftsman-Arts & Crafts/ with some good ol rustic.  Lots' of existing animal mounts in the loby.  The birch bar with retain its birch bark and twig work.  The motel we will keep 60's--got some great tangerine chairs last year!


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