Roof is ordered - sort of....

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After lots of hassle with deconstructors about something in 2006 they did not release, the signing of the loan was delayed by 2 weeks!! Today we signed - and I called the roofer from the bank to come over with a contract! Now we have to stand in line to get it done BUT they can order the materials as soon as they come over with the contract so they are ready when it is my turn. DH can start cleaning out the car and go car shopping.

The Federal Home Loan Bank (as your bank if they are members) have a program called Banking on Business (BOB Loans) with a good interest rate for things needed for the business (roof & car) or business expansion - it will not do consolidation of debts and things like that. Telling you so you know about it if it will help anyone. The consolidation we just got and the BOB are both commercial loans - the BOB is unsecured the other part is secured with the house.

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 Those dad burn things are so expensive! Glad you were able to get the loan'll be worth it when you try to sell.

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WHOOO HOOOO!!!!! New roof! says the woman who is also counting down the days to August the 1st! HOwever it is raining like you would not believe and I just have to hope it will be reasonably dry for the work!


Don't mess with me today or I will kill you!!!!


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