We are having a Wedding - I Think!

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It appears that I did not e-mail what they need to bring (since I cannot find it in my sent file I either deleted it or just thought I sent) or he just did not see it but my cousin that I call big brother and his lady are arriving in the States today. He did not call until yesterday and I reiterated what is needed. She has asked her daughter to gert her birth certificate and divorce papers and send them to me.

They are due here on May 25 and on Tuesday, May 29 IF documents have arrived and the Courthouse accepts said documents, we will have a wedding at the G House on May 29. Father Karl tells me there is a Diocese issue that will prevent him from doing the deed but the Methodist minister said he will. I am hoping to make it special for them.

If the Force is against us, he said Vegas does not care about anything. Cross fingers that it is here with family.


Sounds complicated. I hope it works out.

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