Tripadvisor's #1 B&B in the US!

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I just saw this in an ad on Facebook and it is on their facebook page. Seems like a pretty big deal and I did not know that Tripadvisor did this -


Trip Advisor’s #1 B&B in the United States is A G Thomson House located in Duluth, MN.

Ok found it on their site with link to Tripadvisor. Probably old news here but new to me so congrats to a MN B&B. Smiling

I of course can't even find their page with facebook as I was adding a p to their name but the A G house b&B were not enough to overcome that. Pretty good idea to use advertise it but I wonder what the facebook response is?


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 Well, don't click on Pennsylvania's B&B's....if you do, it takes you to this page, where you have to click on a city. When you do that, you're directed to HOTELS!!!


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