Can we stand one more place to vote?

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Weatherbury Farm in Avella, PA is a working Farm B & B. They were members of the WV B & B Assoc for a few years and still are very active in a couple of PA B & B groups. Really nice folks - I have seen their place and was impressed. Here is the e-mail she sent me.

Weatherbury Farm has applied for a small business grant.  To be considered, we must receive 250 votes on the Mission: Small Business℠ page ( ). Receiving the 250 votes makes our grant progress to the next step where it will be reviewed by a panel of judges (hope they like organic foods!).   We would appreciate your support by voting for us and if you would, passing the information to friends, family and colleagues.
To vote for Weatherbury Farm:
1.        Go to and login using facebook.
2.       Search for  Weatherbury Farm by name. This should bring up our project “Nourishing our community with locally grown food.” If not, you’ll need to add Pennsylvania and Avella as the city.
3.        Then click the blue “vote” button.
Weatherbury would use the grant funds to:
1. Build a farm store to sell our products and products of other local farms
2.Upgrade our farm equipment to be more productive and efficient.
Thanks for your help,
Weatherbury Farm
2012 PCO Sustainability Award Winner
Avella PA

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vote from me also put it out on Facebook and Twitter - you would be surprised what people will do when board!


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Well I voted, I think. Even with instructions it was as clear as mud.

I sure wish them luck. Love to see this kind of thing progress. As one of the Presidents from Arkansas once said, "There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America".


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