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I got an email for a free 6 month listing on  I did a search in the forum and don't see any mention of this site.  The site itself looks pretty well done but they don't have many listings yet.  But giving 6 free months should probably help with that.  Has anyone else gotten this email or signed up yet?

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I always say to look at Alexa. Not because the traffic numbers are right, they aren't. But because you can look at what terms are showing for the search terms. See

5 links in.... that's hardly anyone linking the site.
Search terms in rank.. american bed, american logo bed & breakfast, fresh fruits bowl bbs and finally travel list with us. 35%, 30%, 30% and finally 3%. 

What kind of traffic is he seeing? Where is it from? Does it match your demographic. For example, my demographic is younger than most and it's only about 30% from the USA. So if their demographic doesn't match mine, it's not the audience that books here.

You need to start to think in this way. You want to target the people who book with you. Pareto's principle and all.


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 Just because a site looks nice doesn't mean it will help you any. If you go for the free trial, track it with your stats and see how many referrals they send  you. Try and see if any of your guests found you there.  Hey do a google search for any b and b  or even one listed on their site.  Then....see if their directory even comes up on the first page!!!  If they don't....why bother???

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In my opinion, you get what you pay for. Can't hurt, but I seriously think it won't help either.

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