Does this happen at your place?

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This just happens so often here that we're wondering if anyone else experiences this...

Guests call to make a rez or walk-in off the street and say, 'We've stayed here before.' We have no record of their stay, but we've found that a guest's '2-3 years ago' often works out to 7-8 years ago so we might not have any info about them.

Then, they arrive or we're showing them around and they say, 'Wow! You've changed so much in here!'

Today's guests asked about our dog. Not by name. Then proceeded to exclaim, 'You've put down carpet in the rooms! This all used to be hardwood floors.'

NEVER has this inn had no carpeting in the guest rooms  upstairs. I've seen the floors underneath the carpet and know that no one ever rented a room here with the floors in that shape. They could be beautiful with some work, but they've never been visible to guests. (Plus, we know who put the first carpet down and know when it was done.)

We often wonder where they did stay last time. Anyone else find guests wandering around in the 'wrong' inn? Happy, but you know they're not where they thought they were!


Everyday, for good or ill, we intersect with some else's story and become a part of it.



We are not only a start up but we built the place!


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Can't happen here - we are a start-up.

Guests tonight are here for the 4th time. Have been having a great time catching up on things with them.

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We are in such a unique place that it would be hard for anyone to confuse us with another inn. The closeset I have come to a situation like that is someone coming to the door in the middle of July, our really busy time, and asking if he had a reservation here.     He thought he did but of course he didn't!   


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