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I had to make a hotel booking for a conference, and after being on hold forever and waiting and finally calling the main hotel line for the chain, I eventually got through. I made my booking. She did not ask two doubles or one king or anything. She did not ask smoking or not (and I know this place has smoking rooms), she did not give me an email confirmation. She did not tell me the rate after I gave her the promo code.

  1. I had to ask her to repeat the NIGHTS I BOOKED. As she wasn't planning on it.
  2. I had to ask her to tell me the rate I was getting and the total. 
  3. I had to ask if my cc was being charged now or at check in.
  4. I had to ask what the cancellation policies were.

I called back twice and went through it all again, to find out if there are two beds, which I need as I forgot to ask at the time I had to flippin' ask so many other things,like pulling teeth.  It was "Jameson Inns" if anyone wants to know. TOP CLASS reservationists. NOT.

I went online with the confirmation # and it didn't work, in any form or fashion.

The only good thing is I can cancel up to the day of the reservation. That's the least they can do!


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We have stayed in one of their hotels many times.  Their online system is PITIFUL but improved over no online presence when we started.  I have never called their main booking number either, prefer to deal with the place I am staying. 

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