Keys to Writing Worth Stealing

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Measuring “Emotional Marketing Value”

This is important for B&B's, we are selling an experience, not just a room. We can share what there is to do nearby, but how much they will enjoy it, is even better!  

Have you ever thought of getting out and doing some of these things yourself? Would you be able to translate the experience better online if you were there yourself? YOU BETCHYA!

article below:

Keys to Writing Worth Stealing






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you have to keep clear and center what you are selling

Ie a jeweller is not selling jewelery - they are selling a solution to how much trouble are you in with your girlfriend/wife?

a bed and breakfast is selling -

(1) convenient location to what you are comming for - so you are not faffing about

(2) a good nights sleep - especially compaired to a hotel

(3) personal service with knowledge of all the local secrets

(4) not getting in trouble with the wife/husband for making a crap choice

(5) ie parking is a feature - you are selling not having the stress of worrying about parking the car, unloading the car etc

and so on.


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I could never get higher than 30% with any of my headlines.    Of course,  they don't include "lodging"  or "hospitality industry" in your choices of categories.  Let's face it;  headlines are hard!

It does cause one to think about one's advertising though.   We pretty much reach for the emotions on the inside of our brochure and to some extent on the website.  But, I'm thinking there's probably room for improvement.   I'm concerned about overselling ourselves.
I suggest that in a quiet secluded environment you can:  "retreat, relax and reconnect" and have pictures and text to drive those three points home.

In Basic Writing 101 teaches one key thing for newscopy and advertising:  it is to always better write in the "active tense".

Passive:   The stadium was filled with people.
   Active:    People filled the stadium.

So, not only do you need to foster an emotional response from your copy, but by using the active tense,  you are placing the reader in the position of experiencing those emotions.


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Did you try that headline analyzer? I didn't get any results.


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