Another Idiot who does not get it - MY OWN DH

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I have a longer term guest in my smallest room (shares bath and knows it). She left to visit her son over the weekend so she is not using the bathroom - therefore, for this weekend it is a private bath. Last night's late call got Rosi's Room as a private bath  (since it is down the hall it is $5 less than the ensuite). DH stopped in my doorway today to congratulate me on getting the higher rate for that room. I told him it was the standard private bath rate for that room. HE did not consider it a private bath because it was down the hall.  do not think he understands it even after me explaining that as long as no one else is using it also - it IS a private bath! I told him I always explain it clearly so there are NO surprises for guests, they know what they are getting (last night they probably would have taken it as shared or sleep in the car because there are NO ROOMS).

It is no wonder we cannot get people to understand detached is still private when the other resident of this B & B cannot get it.

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do not get me started! from February next year we will be 100% ensuite!!!! woo hoo! I do however explain to bookers "it is a private bathroom not ensuite" just in case they do not understand the terminology!


Don't mess with me today or I will kill you!!!!


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