Dead Air More Effective than FB Ads

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 AdAge this week has a piece called How Blank Display Ads Managed to Tot Up Some Impressive Numbers. The article was written by Ted McConnell, exec VP-digital for the Advertising Research Foundation.


AdAge this week has a piece called How Blank Display Ads Managed to Tot Up Some Impressive Numbers. The article was written by Ted McConnell, exec VP-digital for the Advertising Research Foundation. Ted and a few friends (an astrophysicist from an online analytics firm, a measurement expert from the Advertising Research Foundation, and an ad-platform wizard from a buying and optimization company) decided to do an experiment.

The experiment was designed to discover how much clicking of banner advertising was actual engagement with the ad, and how much was just noise -- people clicking for no reason.

 read the article here


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This would suggest (to me) that click-through ads are fundamentally worthless.   Granted,  if someone clicked on your ad by mistake or by curiousity,  they might become intrigued once they landed on your page, but my guess is that it would become a Google Analytics bounce very quickly.

So, do people click on Google Ads?   Yes they do.   Do you pay for them by click?  Yes you do?   Will the click-through result in more sales?   Meh.

If this article is true,  then I think SEO and networking is a better use of your resources.

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I agree to this whole heartly .We found out networking is thee best. Then SEO . Also picture speak tons.  Having writing only works for those that are  curious and do want more information.  But then there are those that just call and ask you questions that are all ready on your web site IF they would just read!!!!!! Then again maybe they just can't read and do better by asking.????????




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