The Weekend Is Over... Thankfully!

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Officially... the weekend that just wouldn't end! This weekend was a long weekend in parts of the country, so we were booked full and had to answer call after call telling people we were full. 

On the 2nd we had a no-show (room 1)... tried to call, but no answer, no email back and CC is declined. Managed to resell two of the four night the next night after about 5 calls. A different room (room 3) called to cancel (cancellation charge went through), three nights, managed to rebook two of those in a few hours.

The someone booked the other room (room 1) for the left over night. No show. We call them, they knew that they weren't going to show, just charge CC for cancellation. CC is declined (I'll retry during the week, verified that it is real card.)

Then at 10:45pm I get a call, someone booked the room (room 1) online (I have left same-day reservations on). They arrived at 11:45pm. I let them in and go to bed. The guest in room 2 asked for an extra night.

So all in all, I have lost only 1 night for room 1. I got paid cancellation once. I may get paid a second cancellation. And I managed to resell all the other nights. But so much work for weekend when we thought things were going to be quiet.

And before I manage to resell room 1, I got a call asking if someone could put 3 in the room, which is just really a room for 2 people. I said no. He asked if he could sneak them in and let them sleep on the floor. (Why does no one ever suggest the manage-a-trois, always making the third wheel sleep on the floor.) Anyway, I said not only was it a no, but if he booked it, I would get to keep his money for cancellation an they still wouldn't have any place to sleep, because I wasn't risking my licence for it. Apparently that got my point across and they didn't book it. Also had a lady who wanted me to "hold" the room for her for an hour (when the city is sold out and I'm getting calls every 10 minutes). I declined. Still wish to know if she tried to book, because it sold about 5 minutes after her call. And 10 minutes later someone came to the door begging for a room. Damn, maybe I should have put up my rate!


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We have times like that I go spare! its when I get them at the door ringing when I clearly have a large NO VACANCY sign up that make me crazy!

What makes me even crazier - is had  a couple looking at our box ie pictures and prices, then went to sit on the wall looking on tripadviser at us then ringing up to try and book. I could quite clearly see them out the window.



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