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I was just logged into ResKey and noticed something new in the upper right area of the screen, an "e-mail" envelope saying I had 15 messages waiting for me. I clicked it and got a long list of recent messages from John listing new enhancements and features in ResKey. One of the messages explains it all:

ReservationKey News - New Internal Messaging System

August 5 at 22:10

Welcome to the new internal messaging system. We will be using this system to announce changes and improvements to the system.

Also, a big part of the system is the ability to send communications internally to Support, instead of by email. We hope to transition the majority of our support messages to this system rather than by email. By having everything internal, all support messages are automatically linked to your account, which makes it much easier for us to match questions to accounts. A problem with email is we don't have your user name when you send a message, which makes it more time consuming to find the user account asking the question. Another big benefit of this new system is we will be saving all correspondence which will make it very easy to quickly get up to speed with an account's support history. And the ability to quickly send out announcements to all our users will be very useful in keeping users up to date with changes and improvements.

As the system gets used, we will be refining it and adding more features, one of which will be a search feature.

Thanks for using this new messaging system, and please let us know any suggestions you may have concerning it.




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Still happy with my change.  John is always looking for ways to stay ahead of the rest, communication is a KEY factor and this one is ideal!


 Yes! A great idea, always trying to keep us in the loop.  This is so valuable to me, there have been glitches from time to time being a new system, and adjusting to our needs, but this makes it all worthwhile. Communication.


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