Herding Cats - Again!

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A friend is GIVING DH a very valuable motorcycle frame (people we know are already lining up to purchase it when DH goes to the "great beyond" - that is how desirable it is) but we have to go get it. IF it will not fit in our vehicle - one friend has said HE will go get it for us.

Will be there on oldest daughter's b'd so thought a picnic in park get-together after work would work nicely - did not mention b'd as being part of it.

  • Birthday girl first to respond - will be out-of-town at a cabin (wants us to change OUR schedule)
  • another says cannot do any evening - can we do lunch the day before
  • #9 grandchild is being induced today so thought that would also be a nice intro to the newst member of the family

Have now told them - let us know when/where/IF. We had planned to do a bit of nostalgia riding around. Looks as if that will be in the dumper now. 5 of the 6 are within 90 minutes (or less) of where we will be staying - #6 is in CA. SIGH!! Herding cats. Glad I started this planning a few weeks ahed of time.

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We are in the midst of planning a BIG vacation for next year. I have started asking around to see if anyone can join us. Essentially trying to narrow down a week out of one month when more or less all of the family can show up. I'm up against school, work, dr's appts.

Herding 5 separate families (15 people) to just narrow a week down for me.

We'll celebrate my bro's & his wife's 50th and my dad's 81th. IF we can narrow down one week when they can all show up. Even a long weekend would suffice. Everyone would be traveling, including us. Should be fun if we can pull it off!


Everyday, for good or ill, we intersect with some else's story and become a part of it.


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here is my take ... you want the frame.

go get it when the person willing to help can do so.

tell your family ... this is when we will be there.  would love to see you.   here's how to reach us ...



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When I first read the title of your thread, I thought "Uh oh, what did we do now?"  LOL

Sorry they're all so close, yet so far!

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