Groupon Shares Fall

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I have not done any groupon promotions (I have done living social) but my guests have and they complain about the quality of the groupon promotions.  They often have a hard time booking with inexperienced small businesses - many of who are over their heads and overwhelmed.  Groupon seems to offer only credits not refunds.  Many people who bought groupons are angry and I think they are losing their customer base due to greed and not doing their homework with the businesses they feature.

I did several deals with living social but they too are getting too greedy and asking too much of the businesses.  The customers tend not to be repeat customers.  It did increase cash flow for me last year and was worth it for me as a relatively new inn to get the word out that I am on the map but I would caution anyone thinking of selling rooms to be very careful in limiting the number of rooms sold and watch the "fine print".  I have heard that statistically about 30% of the guests never claim their "deal" - which was true for me (make sure it has an expiration date) so that is money in your pocket but you can't count on that.




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