AAA lodging rating changes?

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Apparently AAA has changed the requirements for lodging properties for the different star levels. It would certainly help if they let the lodging properties know before the inspection. A few properties in town have seen their ratings drop overnight for things that were never an issue in preceeding years.

The latest is dropping from a 3 to a 2 because ALL of the rooms did not have flat panel TV's (not just TV's, they MUST be flat panel) AND premium movie channels OR a DVD player and fully stocked DVD library. All rooms must have A/C units as well, even if A/C is not needed in the area (on the coast it's rare to NEED an A/C unit).

Some of the local hotels dropped from 4 stars to 3 stars (I don't know the details).

Options available? Drop the listing, file a complaint, live with the lower rating, keep the listing but have the rating removed.

Because almost every guest who uses the AAA guide thinks the star rating has something to do with cleanliness, it is not going to help to drop to a 2 star because ALL of my rooms don't have flat panel TV's and a premium movie channel. I believe streaming Netflix would qualify for EITHER the DVD library or the premium movie channel requirement.

Don't know what other req's are in the new book, those are the ones I heard about.


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Glad I never "qualified" for AAA. I do not have to deal with the dictates of someone in a jead office who decides what I "should" have. A few years ago the Greenbrier lost its 5th star because it did not have phones in the bathrooms. HUH? They have since regained the star.

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