Great things about running a B & B

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I've heard the horror stories, now tell me WHY you own a B and B. What are the joys??

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Agree with everyone else, being your own boss, meeting people, being appreciated for the affort you put in, etc. plus

It's great to have the time to try different things. I bake for a local cafe, I do holiday releif in our village post office, I'm treasurer of the Community Council, I've developed websites for several other businesses, I've just been asked to be on the committee of a local tourism association (and I've been on others), we've even appeared on a gardening program on the TV.

All things I just wouldn't have had the time or inclination to do in my previous life.


If you wanted hotel facilities you should have booked a hotel and paid hotel prices!!!


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Being my own boss - ive worked in large hotels where there are a multitude of policies that made abolutely no sense at all!

I succeed on my own merits! its up to me!

Mostly nice guests.

I work with the Chamber of Commerce on various tourism promotion projects like the new Harrogate Christmas market which will bring tourists and support our town center.

Work to promote small businesses and our local arts such as museums and theatres.

Get a great deal of satisfaction from renovating my building which is really comming together now! roof is now finished and front scaffolding is comming down today!

When we get good reviews!


Don't mess with me today or I will kill you!!!!



Meeting people with huge smiles on their faces, happy to be in our home. 

Sharing all the great things to see and do in our area and hearing their adventures.

Hearing the remarks from satisfied guests as they bid a bitter sweet goodbye at the end of their stay. 

And it doesn't hurt any to know that they paid us too! 


We haven't been able to start our B&B yet, but I am looking forward to working with my husband.   We will each have our duties - mine will be more business side and his more operational, but I like that we will have more time together. 





Great thing about running a B&B, owning your own business, that is not just hospitality but tourism related business if you make it that way is: You can learn a lot about marketing, it can make or break your business, so you must have a personal involvement in it every day. This has been the most fun for me, and beneficial.  This is the part I enjoy most. 

Not the cooking, not the cleaning, not the lack of income (we are not a high grossing inn). The creative part of marketing our area to people around the country and world. That is the fun part.


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Joey Bloggs wrote:

The creative part of marketing our area to people around the country and world. That is the fun part.

Yes. That, and seeing them come to our area and enjoy it. Very satisfying.


All saints can do miracles, but few of them can keep hotel. ~ Mark Twain


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The world beats a path to your door. You work for yourself. You control your destiny. You meet the best people. You get to be an ambassador for your area/state. You get to live in a really nice house in an expensive neighborhood that you couldn't afford if people weren't paying you to stay in your really nice house!


Everyday, for good or ill, we intersect with some else's story and become a part of it.


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The people I meet - like the lady who told US about post-polio syndrom so we could tell others

Like the one who left yesterday, leaving behind a mini fridge & nuker

Being told by guests how much coming here means to them

Hearing a guest who was here for one night one week earlier (1st time ever) say as he got out of the car, "It feels so good to be home!"

Being able to set my own schedule - blocking rooms so I can travel or do City stuff

Living where I WANT to live

Living in a house that pays the expenses of the house

Knowing that my City appreciates what I do and recognizes the economic factor my 3 rooms have on the City

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