Hello again! and who's going to vegas?

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Hi !

I havent been on for a while, I am meghan last year I was sweetie85 or something like that, I couldnt log into my account so I am kiplingmeg now.

This will be my 5th year as an innkeeper and I am thinking about going to the event in Vegas this January (tradshow and conference) have many of you been to the tradshows?

Worth going to?

Thanks! (hope summer has been good to you all)

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DH and I will be there. We tend to go every other year. We seem to always buy at the tradeshow. It's a great way to see products up close and personal and take advantage of the show specials.

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 It's definitely worth going to a conference if you've never been, and especially if it is geographically convenient.  They will have a wide array of vendors and a lot of workshops, some of which will be helpful even with 5 years under your belt.  And it's always nice to meet other innmates and folks in the biz.  



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