Why sleepwalkers can't be innkeepers

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I was bound and determined to go outside and fix something at 1am today in my pj's, but I just couldn't find my shoes. Then I woke up! I thought, oh my what if I was a sleepwalker and out doing all sorts of odd things at the inn!

I have never been known to sleep walk, and the recollection of the guest knocking on our door in the night telling us she needs to see her son and knows he is in there...came to mind.

Lord help me if I turn into a sleep walker now!


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I heard a while back about scientists attaching tiny cameras to cats to monitor where they go and what they do all night (turns out they are real killing machines).

You need to wear one of those cameras so you can know what all you did in the night. Might involve bowls of ice cream and other vices your waking mind won't let you have.


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