Canceled a Second time - BUT...

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She became reacquainted with an old love last year and they were going to meet here for a Hmmmm, lets see if... and it got canceled (rooms not the romance). She booked again for November and canceled that today BUT asked if she could arrange another form of payment and turn it into a gift certificate she could donate to a fundraiser for an organization she is a trustee of. Told her to send a check, that frankly the fee for punching in numbers is not worth it to me. Check will be in the mail tomorrow and I created a certificate & sent her a copy of it in an e-mail for her approval and I will send the original. She liked it! And I will get the room revenue after all!!!

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Well nothing to say there but yes! You're on a roll.


All saints can do miracles, but few of them can keep hotel. ~ Mark Twain


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