Having problems with reviews or lack of interest on your FB page?

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These folks will take care of it for you for ONLY $500! Can I forward this email to TA and let them take care of it?

Happy Holidays, Bed & Breakfast Owners!

Give your Inn the gift of our exclusive “Inn-Bound Marketing Package” this season. What’s included…

*             30 Glowing Customer Reviews

(Thirty boastful reviews on your choice of the nation’s top travel review sites)

*             1,000 Facebook Friends

(One thousand authentic Facebook users nationwide influences new guests to reserve accommodations at your property)

Begin your New Year with a bang! Gain new clients with new exposure, all for the low price of $500. Offer expires December 31, 2012.



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 I would definitely send it to them and tell the sender you are too. That is ridiculous.

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