What is an optimal conversion rate for website visits to actual reservations?

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I am on a big campaign to get our owner to update our website.  I can see the stats through G Analytics, but the reservations we get are miniscule compared with the amount of hits our website is getting.  Instead of dumping money into signs around town, billboards and fancy brochures, I think we need to focus on our website.  I know there has been plenty of website talk here and I'm with y'all when it comes to understanding the importance of a beautiful, well-thought-out, user-friendly website. 

So, my question is what is the optimal (or average) conversion rate of website hits to actual reservations.  I want to use this information in my conversations with him about this.  We need to do more capture these people who are obviously on our website for a reason.  

Thank you!

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I don't think that there is an OPTIMAL rate and I don't think you can measure it an any case, because you don't have online booking.

If I were to open my big mouth, I would say...

1. Get online booking up front and forward. You need a "call to action" button, because it took me a while to find where to book you. And rest assured, I'm not picking up a telephone to book... EVER! (That's right, all those B&Bs who rely on a phone to book, rest assured, I'm never staying at your place.)

2. Looking at your website, I would ask why one room is named after a colour/flower and is in blue/yellow. (It's the first thing that popped into my mind). The next question is who is drawn by those rooms upstairs? Doesn't seem to relevant to your state or your area. Considering that women book the rooms more often than men, the middle room likely gets less interests, especially if they want a romantic weekend. And the theme room thing is so old. Here's my question... what rooms are the most booked and WHY? (And if it's the first room that comes up on the drop down... then change the drop down to highest to lowest price. 

I walked into a B&B that was for sale here in the city and the rooms were named after all these international themes like Mexico and all I could think was.... wasn't I coming to this city, why would I want to stay in a Mexican themed room.


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